House to Vote for a 5,600 page Bill After Receiving the Bill the Day of Voting

The members of the House of Representatives voted on the stimulus bill recently passed by the Senate on Monday, December 21.

However, as AOC stated, the longest bill in history (approximately 5,600 pages of legislation) arrived at the House Monday afternoon, and most have not had the time to thoroughly review the bill.

In playing the political game, both the Republican and Democrat representatives did not have the time to thoroughly review the bill, being forced by time limits.

This is alarming for the entirety of the democratic process; there may be many legalese and languages that aren’t open to thorough debate or consideration by the members of both houses, as due to the pettiness of partisan politics and needless bickering between parties over unimportant matters. Ultimately, even post-Trump, neither the Republican nor the Democratic parties show that they care about the American public.

Some may see it as a sad day for democracy, one Americans are being paid $600 in trade, at a time when significant number of people are facing evictions, starvations, and poverty due to the US system’s ineffective ability to protect its people from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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