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Homicide rises in Washington D.C. and Children’s health concern

As of June 23, 2022, Homicides are rising in Washington D.C. and it is having an impact on children’s health, physically and psychologically. As Children are less safe while they are playing outside, after school. As such, most of the children remain stuck in their houses. In recent years, parents fear unexpected events happening in their kid’s schools and playgrounds.

In less than half a year, 80 homicides occurred, and only 33% of cases resolved to date. According to, children who live in the Southeast, Northeast, and Central zone of D.C. are prone to get exposed to the crimes.

Homicide methods are by gun (69 cases), knife (7), and others (4). Average victims’ ages are 35 and the average arrestee’s age is 29.

Recently, A 15-year-old teenage boy was shot and died at the scene of a small musical event, where he called his mother before death. No one could help him despite there being a crowd, other than a wounded police officer.

Why do we hear about homicide news which is related to gun violence every single day? Don’t we have any solutions? Do we have any preventive programs? IF there are no healthy children, there will be no healthy future.


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