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Heat Wave Hits from South to Northeast in US

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Early morning walkers hesitate to come out to walk due to heat waves with humid air hovering in the atmosphere hindering outgoers from breathing. Last week a heat wave hit southern Europe, especially Greece, and Southeast and East Asia, and it has finally arrived on the American continent.

Almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the mid-day and air conditioning runs endlessly to cool down for the people inside. However, outdoor workers are still under the weather and exposed to extreme heat, and every year at least 1,300 people die from heat-related illnesses. Heat waves are more frequent and extreme in the 48 states of the United States, and this severe weather comes from greenhouse gases and pollution.

According to the EPA, this extreme heat leads to an increase in the chance of dying from a heart attack, other heart conditions, or respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Especially, 29 under-15 children who were being left in vehicles died last year of heatstroke. Older adults those pre-existing conditions are critical if exposed to extreme heat.

How to avoid Heat waves is to stay cool, stay hydrated, wear light clothing (no! black color clothing) and a hat, limit outdoor activities, and early in the morning exercise with dogs or later in the night after the heat cools down.

Again, please do not leave your babies in your car, just take them wherever you go, and your pets too. Drink plenty of water and stay under the shade while the sun is burning.

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