Handyman set hidden cameras at his Client’s bathroom

Metropolitan Police arrested a handyman who installed a hidden camera in his client’s bathroom when he was doing a renovation project.

D.C police and prosecutors stated that a contractor, Eddy Giron (41) installed hidden cameras in the bathroom of an apartment in SW D.C. near the Waterfront Metro station while he was doing the apartment renovation. According to NBC Washington, the camera recorded video of the woman wearing only a t-shirt and of Giron going through the woman’s undergarments, police said.

Giron who lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, installed the camera in late June, and he moved the camera to inside a vent, beneath the sink to see the toilet in the bathroom over the course of the three days. According to the charging document.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee said, “It’s a very sick thing. Someone hired a contractor and when you vet your contractor, you expect them to do the work that you’ve paid them to do – not anything extra like placing a stealthy camera someplace on your property to record you in your private interactions in your home. I’m thankful that the complainant [, in this case,] was able to detect that camera,”

Giron was charged with voyeurism. Recently, DMV areas are encountering something that is not used to doing things like this home renovation project with hidden cameras.

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