Grammarly AI surges rapidly as an Assisting Writing Tool

According to Yahoo Finance, as one of the artificial intelligence software, Grammarly grew rapidly as a language assistance tool. It has gone up in value to above $13 billion due to its popularity and demand. Since 2015, Grammarly provides spelling and grammar checks for its customers.

AIs have become daily partners in most parts of our activities through Zoom meetings, Web News, school projects, emails, and so on. Grammarly has Cisco Systems, Inc., Dell Technologies, Inc., Google, and even WordPress as its customers. The valuation of the company has gone up from $1 billion in 2019 to $13 billion in 2021.

With more than 30 million daily users, its potential could only increase. This has happened with Samsung Electronics, Inc. Samsung expects to integrate Grammarly into its smartphone keyboard, which will allow its users access to Grammarly without being Grammarly’s direct customer.

Given the terrible reviews that Samsung phone keyboards have, especially with regards to autocorrect and word suggestions, Grammarly’s partnership will be highly beneficial to Samsung in attracting more customers and encouraging them to use the built-in keyboard, rather than downloading a new keyboard app to replace the Samsung keyboard with instead.

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