Global Poetry Contest to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Rape of Nanjing

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7월 6일, 난징 대학살(1937) 80주년을 추념하기 위한 시 백일장이 열린다. 이번 시 백일장은 중국 문화.예술원, 워싱턴 시인협회, 중국 문인협회 미국 북부 지부가 주최하여 열린다. 시 제출은 형식과 관계없다. 중국어나 영어로 써야 한다. 마감은 온라인 제출로 10월 15일까지이다. 관심있는 많은 시인들의 도전이 있기를 바란다.

During December of 1937 and subsequent months in Nanjing (Nanking), over 300,000 civilian and disarmed combatants were murdered by the Japanese troops. The Japanese soldiers also gang-raped over 20,000 females, including the seniors and minors, and robbed/destroyed countless valuable economic and cultural properties. We are now especially angry that so far the Japanese Government has still denied the facts of such terrible war crime committed by their Imperial Army.

This poetry contest, presented by the Chinese Culture and Art League, Washington Poetry Club and Chinese Writers Association in North America of the United States Capital Chapter, encourages poets of all ages, genders, racial origins and cultural spectrum to compose poems in English and classical Chinese languages respectively for paying a tribute and memory to/of these victims, as well as to numerous Western and Chinese unsung heroes who risked their lives at time to save tens of thousands Chinese females and refugees in the Nanjing (Nanking) Safety Zone set up by the American, German and other Western, and local residents in Nanjing (Nanking), then the capital of China.

Pray for unvoiced victims of de unfairness.
May our poetry voice for human justness!


1. English Category: There are no restrictions on its form and style.
2. Classical Chinese Category: Poetry could be in any formats and free from choosing any styles of rhyming tones for 絶,律,詞,令,曲,賦.
3. The theme of the submitted poetry shall be centered on the human tragedy of this part of war crime committed by the Japanese troops at Nanjing (Nanking) from 1937 until the end of the World War II in 1945.
4. Entries are to be judged anonymously. Name, any publishing credits and all identifying information must be omitted from your entry under a “word” attachment. All contacts/submissions are to be conducted only via our online:

Please clearly provide your entry category, poetry title, name/sex/address/phone/email under your cover letter in your email with your attached entry. Each entry has to be your own original work that has never been published before. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers or contests are not accepted for this contest.
5. The Chinese Culture and Art League, Washington Poetry Club and Chinese Writers Association in North America of the United States Capital Chapter are the co-presenters for this poetry contest (thereafter “the presenter”). We also welcome any kinds of financial and technical support from individuals and organizations for this poetry contest, for the purpose of raising the prize amount and increasing the number of prizes for both category. We will acknowledge our appreciation to all financial contributors and technical supporters at the award ceremony. All financial donations for this event will be issued a tax-deductible receipt by the Chinese Culture and Art League accordingly. For donations, please make it payable to: Chinese Culture and Art League”.
6. Deadline for submission: October 15, 2017

Prizes and Publication

•First Prize: No less than $1,000 for both English and Chinese category. Update prize information will be announced in due course.
•All authors whose entries that win prizes shall allow “the presenter” to publish those prized entries on the presenter’s dedicated website, printed program at the award ceremony and via various channels of the media. All finalists will also be recognized at the award ceremony in Washington, D.C.


. Madame Grace Cavalieri, Producer: The Poet & The Poem, from The Library of Congress on public radio
. Dr. Ming Sun Poon, Senior Acquisitions Librarian, Library of Congress
. Prof. Judy McCombs, Former Professor of English, Detroit’s BFA Center for Creative Arts
•Dr. Edward Chang, Former Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Social
Work, Albany State University.
•Dr. Sheila Carter-Jones, Former Professor of Education, Chatham University
. Madame Ji Zhaojin, Prize-award Poet/Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, China Studies Program Coordinator
. Prof. Wing-chi Chan, Former National Endowment for the Arts Consultant/Shenyang Music Conservatory/Green Mountain College Adjunct Professor, Poet cum Musician


•Honorary Advisor: Dr. Ying Ying Chang, Mother of the late Madame Iris Chang
•Honorary Advisor: Prof. Yue-–Him Tam, Macalester College, Minnesota

•Co-Executive Directors:
. Madame Cheung Ming-ming, President of the Chinese Culture and Art League
. Madame Ji Zhaojin, President of the Washington Poetry Club
. Dr. Ching Chin-Sung, President of Chinese Writers Association in North America, United States Capital Chapter
. Prof. Wing-chi Chan, Former National Endowment for the Arts Consultant, Poet cum Musician

. Coordinator: Ms. Jenny Gao, Language Instructor/Free-lanced Writer in Washington



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