Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 87 died. Nobel Laureate in Literature 1982


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April 17, 2014, Gabriel Garcia Marquez (So-called “GABO” )has passed away with deterioration of his health recently.
The most famous book is “One Hundred Years of Solitude” with magical realistic flow through out the whole book.
He was born in March 6, 1927, in Ararcataca, Colombia and most of his life, he has lived in Mexico. He was writing about the people, the generation, the family who were struggling with Civil wars — ideologies : Socialism, Communism, Capitalism and so on and human right between exploitation of people by the capitalism from other countries that its connection in faulty Government, which were most of South America countries  in 1950s. He influenced by William Faulkner. He stated in  his novels  about how to survive in the horrid condition, under the dictatorship in his country especially during  the civil wars and described subconsciousness of human minds toward liberation with magical realism as a tool through his writings. He had encountered a lot of life threaten by the powers and he wrote about realistic setting in his country with fantastic view point and used the tool that its spread all over the art forms. He dropped out of Law school and he was a novelist, screen writer, journalist.

One of the most influential author in 20th century, “GABO” is rest in peace without any pains  that he had kept all his life time with all kinds of illness.

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