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Frenchwoman posts nude video for her business, gets arrested by Indian police

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27-year old Frenchwoman, identified only as Marie-Helene was arrested on August 27 by the local Indian police in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, after her Indian social media followers recognized the background of her nude video as the holy bridge.

The Ganges is a sacred river to Hinduism, and it is known that at the location of where the holy bridge is, is where Hindu deity Lakshmana crossed the river on jute ropes.

According to the Indian police, the woman filmed the material to promote her jewelry business. In the video, she originally begins by wearing a shawl, but drops it midway through filming, appearing nude.

She is currently on bail but has been charged with obscenity in a public place and with publishing obscene content online.

Marie-Helene stated that she’d chosen to become nude on the holy bridge because each time she crossed the bridge, she felt she was being harassed, and that she felt other Indian women and her “fellow female travelers” surely have experienced the same.

She apologized for her insensitivity to the local culture.

Public nudity is an issue in France as well, with the interior minister defending the right to sunbathe topless, while the localities might impose different rules, to include fines in association with topless or nude sunbathing.


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