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Fox Compares Joe Biden to John McCain for his “ungentlemanly comments”

With less than 5 months left of battle for the US presidential election, the two runners are acting very sensitively and delicately with every moment, going against each other.

Last night, Joe Biden, the democratic nominee interviewed with the Daily Show on Comedy Central, and he said ”my single greatest concern [is that] this president is going to try to steal this election. This is a guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent … while he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in a primary.” This caused a reaction and backlash from the conservative party media, primarily, Fox news network.

Karl Rove, a former deputy White House Chief of staff and Fox News contributor told “The Daily Briefing” on Thursday, as he compared the attitudes of the late Sen. John McCain during his presidential run against Former Pres. Obama, and Joe Biden’s current behavior against current Pres. Trump.

“A woman stood up at a question and answer session that he was having and stood up and said ‘I think Barack Obama is terrible and I think he is an Arab.’ [McCain] said ‘no, he is a decent American with a good family. I just happened to disagree with him on the issues,’” Rove reminded, highlighting the rather objective and gentlemanly behavior John McCain took against misinformed public, hinting, that the statement Joe Biden gave showed the biased, subjective, and ungentlemanly behavior unworthy of the US presidency.

Whether the democratic party supporters agree with Rove is another question, and the fact that Karl Rove is a Fox News contributor, also tilts his opinion towards a bias in support of the Republican party. It is ultimately up to every and each individual voter as to whether Pres. Trump is trying to steal the election, or whether Joe Biden is an ungentlemanly individual. Only the election results in November 2020 will tell how Americans truly feel about the two candidates.


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