FLOTUS slams Democrats on Campaign Trail

FLOTUS Melania Trump spoke at a campaign event for the fourth time alone, in Huntersville, North Carolina. She had not appeared on the campaign trail for more than a year, and recently battled Covid-19 last month. She blasted the Democratic Party for their reactions during the BLM movement, stating, “when rioters and looters were burning our cities and wrecking small businesses that belong to hard working families and bring jobs to our communities, where were the Democrats?”

She said similar things in her other events this year. Her speech was more pro-Republican as she blasted the Democrats and FMR VP Biden. She also claimed that her staff and supporters do not feel comfortable supporting her husband, blaming on the Democratic Party and its supporters.

She criticized the concept of “tolerant left” for its treatment of the Trump administration, and told a crowd of about 250 people, that the media and the Democrats are politicizing the She claimed that the media and the Democrats are making COVID-19 the most politically charged and polarizing topic, rather than working with the Trump administration. However, many medical experts both within US and globally have warned the dangerous of dealing with COVID-19 without a comprehensive governmental plan for prevention. US continues to see alarmingly high number of infections and there are many concerns as winter is arriving.

FLOTUS plans to vote in person Tuesday morning in Palm Beach, Florida before returning to the White House.

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