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Florida Shuts Down Beach After Massive Beach Crowding

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During Mother’s Day Weekend, Naples decided to reopen the beach and chose to shut it down once more when it was reported that the amount of people that swarmed counted in the thousands, looking to be even more than the crowd normally gathered during Independence Day crowds in July.

After seeing the swam of people on Saturday, the city closed the beach down effective Sunday. Many city residents were happy to see the closure, as it seemed that many that came out to the beach were out oft owners, noted by evidence of love bugs on the cars, which isn’t possible when driving around Naples.

Naples plans to keep the beaches open during the week, but limit opening on the weekends.

Florida has begun reopening except in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties, as majority of COVID-19 cases arise from those three counties.

Florida currently reports 40,596 cases and 1.721 deaths. It is unclear whether beach reopening might bring that number up quicker than forecasted or not.


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