Flint Security Guard Killed by Customer without Face Mask

At a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan, a security guard was shot in the head by a customer, who was told to wear a face mask, currently a state mandate.

The shooter and second suspect remain at large, but witnesses told the police that the security guard had a verbal argument with a woman on wearing a face mask. Surveillance video confirms the incident.

Under Michigan state executive order, all retail employees and customers must wear a mask. The video showed that a woman left in an SUV after a verbal altercation, but then returned about 20 minutes later with 2 men, 1 who yelled at the security guard, and the other who shot the security guard.

It is a tragedy that could have been avoided had everyone been wearing masks. The coronavirus pandemic is serious, not because it has a low mortality rate, but because it has a high infection rate.

The people she brought back with her were her son and husband; now the entire family is at risk of criminal charges over a face mask.


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