Flesh-eating bacteria attacks : Do not walk at the beach with barefoot

A man, Brent Norman from Charleston, South Carolina has been left unable to walk after walking across beaches on his bare foot and stepping on seashells due to contracting a deadly flesh-eating bacterial infection last week. He walked regularly to Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms in South Carolina and suddenly his feet swallowed with pain after his regular walk on the sand.

This flesh-eating bacteria on the seashells wasn’t detected under the high tides. He accidentally “stepped on probably over 10,000 shells,” and “I was no longer walking” due to contracting the bacteria.

The NIH recommends that beachgoers wear shoes at the beach for safety and uncertainty of what is coming with tides. The NIH,

“Sea shells are sharp and brittle, often leaving embedded foreign bodies in deeper wounds. Special care [for] debridement, wound cleansing, and foreign body removal can help prevent serious wound infections.  Foreign bodies may not be symptomatic until the secondary inflammatory reaction occurs 2–3 weeks later.”

Mr. Norman’s case went too fast to the worst scenario due to his fingernail spreading on the wounded area. If superficial cuts do not show signs of infection such as swelling, redness, or oozing, be treated by applying topical antiseptic and bandage. However, those who think there are suspicious activities under the skin, which is the wounded area, should go to for ER for adequate treatment ASAP.

The NIH recommended that beachgoers who are diabetic patients face serious foot safety risks on the beach and must wear protected gear for the foot.

When summer comes 2 weeks away, the East Coast beaches will be packed with people to enjoy the full sun and wind on the beach, and safety concerns are much needed.

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