Drug Kingpin El Chapo’s “Queen” arrested at Dulles Airport

Emma Coronal Aispuro (31) is the Mexican drug lord, El Chapo’s wife. She was arrested at International Dulles Airport on Monday, under charges of helping to run her husband’s multi-billion dollar drug business.

On Wednesday, a videoconference hearing was held, and U.S. prosecutor Anthony Nardozzi accused Aispuro of working closely wit the command-and-control structure” of her husband’s drug cartel. The Sinaloa is alleged to have maintained in operation and smuggled quite large quantities of drugs into the U.S.

If convicted, she faces more than 10 years in federal prison.

Coronal met her husband when she was 18 years old; they have a 30-year age gap. El Chapo is famously known to have successfully escaped twice (2001 and 2015) from prisons in Mexico.

Coronal met her husband in her 18th birthday and El Chapo is 30 year older than her. El Chapo escaped two times (2001, 2015)from prisons in Mexico. Coronal was charged in a single-count crime with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana in the U.S. She is also accused of helping her husband with prison break in Mexico in 2015.

El Chapo the Guzman, can only receive in prison visits from his attorneys and his twin daughters from Coronal.

He is currently serving life in prison after several years of bloody fighting that took after his last prison break. He was extradited to the U.S. in January 2017. His drug cartel had been managed by his wife Coronal and his two sons until now.

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