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Photo from Google Images


Is Your Jesus Still Safely In The Tomb


Written by Gordon Greene


Is your Jesus still safely in the tomb?
Is your resurrected life in the womb?

Does the enemy still stand guard?
See you as a threat or disregard?

Does a “Do Not Disturb” sign keep you away?
Afraid of what will happen what others will say?

Afraid of breaking the seal and the consequences?
Of breaking the mold, being authentic, no pretenses?

Is your Jesus still safely in the tomb?
No signs or wonders, no Upper Room?

Are you content to “do your best”?
Will you live what fits ignore the rest?

Have you tried to move the stone and failed?
Needed help from others and others bailed?

Have you given up and accepted you fate?
Believe it is possible but for you it’s too late?

Today, the stone will be rolled away….

Today, the grave will be empty…..

Why is my name on the gravestone?



*** 이 시는 부활절 아침에 읽는 시로 한 번 더 생각해 보는 주님의 부활이다. 나와 주님과의 관계다.




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