Drinking a Cup of Poem For the Weekend~~The First Snow/ Corih Kim


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On virgin land, it comes

Softly as a lover’s hand, my cheeks it touches

Hugging, greeting, opening my arms

Too soft, melts when lands


On Sunday afternoon in January

Sun shields behind its body

Hides his eyes from me, too shy

First kiss on my face, blush


Stays only a little while

Stop, don’t land

mix with the world

in my soul, like a fossil, a first love


**  오늘 첫 눈이 왔어요. 첫 눈이 진눈깨비가 되어 오더군요. 그것을 보고 생각하며 쓴 시입니다.

첫 눈과 첫 사랑, 가장 깨끗하고 순수한 첫 번째의 만남,  세상과 섞이기 전의 만남이 아닐까 해서요.



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