Drinking A Cup Of Poem For the Weekend ~~ Momma/Anita Kalimuthu

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(Dr. Joanne Gabbin at the annual arboretum poetry reading at the Edith Carrier’s arboretum & botanical garden  at JMU)

Momma Joanne’s love


I was nervous

When I stepped in as a stranger on this land.

But when I first saw you at Wilson Hall,

I sense something strong between us.

It was magical.

There was something special about you.

Your lovely smile and generous heart,

attracts and drew me closer to you.

I believe, it was the beginning for this

Strong bond between us.



I remember the days where,

I wait eagerly for snowy Sunday mornings,

to arrive at Chestnut Ridge Dr.


For the long drive to Staunton.

I behaved like a little child who was

getting ready for family gatherings.

With Allen’s family, we worship and fellowship.

Thank you! Momma.

You have provided me the space

for acceptance and sense of belonging.


How I missed each seconds that

we spent together including our poetry class.

For you are nice and warm.

Your heart overflows with agape’s love.

You plant the seed of joy in every heart,

for you have the power to heal broken hearts.

Your words of encouragements, transform life’s.


You are my inspiration.

You are a good listener and motivator.

A superb friend, mother and teacher.

You have guided me through the season.

You have helped me to discover my inner strength,

to step up and to believe in me.

When my heart troubles within me,

You are there by my side to wipe my tears.

Your warm hugs, heals and uplift my spirit.



You’re my precious gem.

A gift from God!

We don’t meet often now,

and I’m 9457miles away from you.

But that won’t disconnect our

relationship in this living.

Because, I’m the other version

of your Sugar Plum story.



I might now be of your blood and flesh,

but deep down in my heart

you are my everything and

your thoughts remains.

This is a supernatural bond

of a mother and daughter.

Even on this special day,

I pray that you will remain blessed.

Happy birthday Momma!


Anita Kalimuthu – Malaysia

Anita Kalimutu
Anita Kalimuthu



***  This poem is a letter  to the poet’s teacher, Dr. Gabbin , an English professor at James Madison University to celebrate her 70th birthday. Dr. Gabbin has treated her students as her own children, and gave them love. I also learned from her the lessons and realities of human dignity throughout history.

아니타는 현재 말레이지아에서 영어 교사를 하고 있다. 그녀와 난 같은 스승 아래서 같은 시간에 공부한 동기 동문이다. 이 시를 전 인생을 교육에 헌신한 현 제임스 메디슨 영문학 교수인, 닥터 개빈의 70번째 생일을 위한 헌시다. 닥터 개빈은 모든 학생들을 자신의 친 자식처럼 대했다. 우린 그녀에게서 인간의 존엄성이 얼마나 중요한 지 배웠다.

이번 닥터 개빈의 70번째 생일 파티엔 블랙 무브먼트의 문학 운동에 참여했던 소냐 산체스가 닥터 개빈을 위한 시를 낭독하기도 했으며, 이 시를 지은 아니타의 시도 소개되기도 하였다. 닥터 개빈은 아프리칸 아메리칸 문학을 통해 어떻게 인간의 존엄성의 가치가 인간에 야욕에 의해 무너질 수있는가와 콜럼버스의 신대륙 발견과 함께 무차별하게 유린된 인간성, 수 백년 이어진 그 아픈 역사를 통해 후대의 입으로 계속 전해질때 다시는 그 아픈 역사가 되풀이되지 않는다라는 교훈을 교육을 통해 실천하고 있는 스승이다.


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