Does Trump Care About The American Person?

Photo from Google Images
Photo from Google Images


5월 25일 (현지 시간) 오전 10시 30분, DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)정문 계단에서 최근 공화당 대통령 후보자인 트럼프의 부동산 위기에 대한 긍정적인 표현과 함께 부동산 위기로 말미암아 주택을 잃고 가족을 잃어버린 대 재난에 대해 자신의 부동산 사업의 매매 차익만 고려한 언급에 대해 가장 치명적인 피해를 입은 소수 민족들을 대표하는 히스패닉 하원 의원단과 아프리칸 아메리칸 하원 의원단을 비롯한 아시안 아메리칸 태평양계 하원 의원단들이 트럼프의 사과를 촉구하는 기자회견을 가졌다.

Members of the CHC(Congressional Hispanic Caucus), CBC( Congressional Black Caucus) and CAPAC(Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus), including Reps. Xavier Becerra, Linda Sanchez, Luis Gutierrez, Gregory Meeks, Cedric Richmond, Judy Chu, and Ted Lieu attended.

Today, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) BOLD PAC, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) PAC and the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) Leadership PAC will stand together to hold a press conference about Donald Trump wishing for the housing crisis that cost millions of families their homes because he wanted to profit off individuals struggling to keep their homes and businesses. CNN reported that, in 2006, Trump said he hoped the market would tank, so he could “go in and buy like crazy” and “make a lot of money” when the real estate and housing markets failed. In response to criticisms, Trump said today that his business sense to profit off individuals struggling to keep their homes is “the kind of thinking our country needs.”

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