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Discord leaker is a worker in the U.S. Military Base

The U.S. military has recently been shown to spy on its allies, revealing concerns for Ukraine’s war with Russia, and has otherwise been “compromised” due to a massive document leak on a Discord server. The culprit is a young gun enthusiast who shared the documents with acquaintances gathered for companionship during the pandemic.

The group began in 2020 and comprises around a dozen members, mostly focused on the love of guns, military gear, and God.

One of the members claimed to be in the military and shared many “classified documents” which were not allowed to be shared, as the base had also banned bringing in any electronic device that would allow sharing. The member painstakingly shared the documents, decoding any language term such as “NOFORN” which means “so sensitive that it must not be shared with foreign nationals.”

The documents were top secret, and there is no mistake that the leaker was intelligent, as the process of being cleared for such access requires significant background checks and other clearing processes.

There are also approximately 300 photos of classified documents, with not all of them having been made public. There are audio recordings and text files written out by the leaker.

A video posted by the leaker shows him yelling racial and antisemitic slurs into the camera before firing several rounds at a target. He is likely to be a man in his 20’s.

He was known as a strict administrator who enforced a pecking order and expected everyone on the server to read the classified information closely and would get angry if the attention waned.

As the attention waned, the leaker began to post real photos of the documents, which are now being used as ways to identify and track the leaker based on surrounding items such as a bed, gorilla glue, or nail clippers.

Some of the leaks showed the depth of the penetration into the Russian military, how Egypt planned to sell Russia a significant number of rockets, and how Russian mercenaries even approached Turkey to buy weapons to fight Ukraine.

It is notable that, unlike previous data leaks, this leaker was not presenting himself as any form of a whistleblower. Those he released this information to are also put in harm’s way for having been given classified information, which has exposed them to potential federal crimes. Of course, server members believe that the information ought to be released to the public so the world can see how the US government spends tax dollars.

It is at the moment unclear where their leaker is, but most server members believe that he will not be given a “fair trial.”

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