Denmark to Contain Mutated Coronavirus found in Minks

Denmark is the largest producer of mink furs. However, Denmark is now planning to cull all mink in the country due to them hosting mutated form of novel coronavirus.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced on Wednesday that while it was a difficult decision, health concerns necessitated the culling. Statens Serum Institut is a Danish authority which deals with infectious diseases. So far, the Institutionalization has found five cases of the coronavirus in mink farms and 12 examples in humans showing reduced sensitivity to antibodies. Keeping the mink production alive might limit the effectiveness of future vaccines and treatments.

There are 15-17 million mink in Denmark, and although the country has worked to minimize the outbreak, it has not been successful.

However, Denmark is not the first country to cull so many minks due to the coronavirus; Netherlands and Spain have also taken such actions to prevent the outbreak or the spreading of the mutated coronavirus.

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