Democrats Promise $15 federal minimum wage by 2025

Unified, Democrats in the House and Senate have reintroduced the bill on Tuesday to raise the US minimum wage to $15 per hour, as it holds control over Congress and the White House. The raise would occur gradually and any future increase would be tied to median wage growth; this also ends tipping for those working below the minimum wage.

The Democrats attempted to pass a similar bill in 2019, but it never passed the Senate. However, the Democrats now hold a narrow but definite majority in the Senate, and the majority Leader Chuck Schumer also supports this move. President Biden supports this effort as well. That being said, 10 Republican votes are needed to pass the bill out of Senate. It is not yet sure whether the Democrats can do this.

The advocates are also excited for its potential to cut into racial and gender inequality, stating that 23% of workers that would benefit is for Black or Latina women.

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