DC Man Opens Door to Protesters, Reconfirms Human Dignity

After 7 pm curfew, the DC protesters were chased by police officers and were seeking the place to hide. A man, by the name of Rahul Dubey, a residenct of DC opened his row house for protesters and welcomed them.

“It was a human tsunami, I was hanging on my railing yelling, get in the house! get in the house!” He said.

“I opened a door. You would have done the same thing,” He added.

Protesters took care of injured protesters at Dubey’s basement, washing protester’s eyes with milk that the neighbors passed over.

Almost 100 protesters came into his house, and some of them were injured by in the clashes with police.

“I’m not letting any of these kids out of my sight,” Dubey told Derek Hawkins over the phone.

Dubey said on NBC4 that it was an “amazing group of people” in his home. He said “They were doing nothing wrong other than to build a future that they want and that I want,” They left his house at the end of curfew at 6 a.m.


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