Keep COVID Vaccine Card Safe from Social Networks

As more people get COVID-19 vaccines, we need to pay attention to how we keep our vaccination record cards from CDC after two doses of Pfizer, and Moderna or a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

This 3×4 inch card has your personal information and details of what vaccine you took and so on. You should keep the original copy in a safe location and take front and back photos on your phone just in case.

After the first dose, you may experience some mild symptoms. Most suffer stronger symptoms after the second dose, and some may have to take two or three days off of work. High fever and muscle pains are may come immediately after inoculation.

While office supplies are providing free lamination of Covid-19 CDC cards, medical professionals warn against laminating them in case you might need booster shots in the future.

Some believe that this card could be proof of safe entry during interstate and international travel, and are being advised to keep it with the passport to show proof of vaccination.

But most importantly, remember: DO NOT post your vaccine card photo on social media.


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