COVID Brings Layoffs to Universities

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University of Delaware confirmed the layoff of 122 employees due to a potential $0.25 billion shortfall in its budget. University spokesperson confirmed the reduction in force this week. Job reductions occurred mostly in the areas affected heavily by COVID-19, such as facilities maintenance, construction project management, and conference services.

However, that’s not where the reductions stop; top administrators will receive a small salary cut, and there will be other actions to deal with the shortfall.

UD also sought to use its $1.5 billion endowment to cover the shortage in the budget.

It is believed that layoffs come from those who are nonunion employees, as negotiations are underway with professors and others with union representation regarding early retirement and other options. This year’s enrollment is low, with most classes being held remotely, and as the university’s  budget model had been based on growing enrollment and broadened number of academic offerings, the impact seems to have become difficult.

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