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Covid-19 Survivors’ Lungs Likely to Recover over Time, study says

Among concern regarding Covid-19 were multi-organ inflammation, damage, and failure. For example, many as 35% of those testing positive for Covid-19 showed heart inflammation.

However, there is some good news regarding Covid-19 recovery: a new study from University Clinic in Innsbruck, Austria showed that a vast majority of hospitalized Covid-19 patients showed lung damage 6 weeks after discharge, but this proportion dropped significantly after 12 weeks, indicating that the lungs are able to self-repair.

The 86-patient analysis showed that 6 weeks after discharge, approximately 47% of patients struggled with shortness of breath, with 15% struggling with coughing.  However, by 12 weeks, only 39% of patients still experienced shortness of breath, while 15% continued to cough.

12-weeks were chosen due to the newness of the Covid-19, and the lack of data on how long the diseased lungs would react to other infections. Research is ongoing, with data expected at 24-weeks.

The relationship between Covid-19 and the heart was not covered by this research.

While the research was limited by the small patient cohort (only 86 patient pool), and while it is still unclear as to what happens with residual lung lesions, Judith Loffler-Ragg, MD from University Clinic in Innsbruck stated, “… there is resolution of so-called damage.”

It is one silver lining in the cloud storm of the year that has been so very difficult for so many people.


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