Chile Restricting Water after 10+ Years of Drought


After 13 years of drought, Chile is now enforcing the rationing of water.

Santiago has released a four-tier plan addressing different levels of water conservation applicable to 1.7 million people. The four-tier plan is based on color.

Level 1: Green – prioritizes use of groundwater for water conservation

Level 2, 3: Yellow – also known as early prevention warning and yellow, focuses on reducing water pressure

Level 4: red – water is rationed via 24 hour rotating water cuts. The system is baed on monitoring the levels of water at Maipo and Mapocho rivers.

Santiago officials justified the system as a way of ensuring water access to everyone.

Climate crisis changes are bringing weather changes around the world, challenging previous ways of living based on historical expectations. For example, Pacific Northwest is experiencing more heatwaves and less rainfall, while the East Coast is experiencing stronger hurricanes and more rainfall. Otherwise, about 60% of the US will be experiencing drought this year.

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