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Britney Spears Gains Freedom From Her Father’s Grip

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ father filed documents in Los Angeles Supreme Court agreeing to step down from his position as the conservator of his daughter, reported Britney Spears’ estate on Thursday.

The entire country has called for him to step down from his position as conservator of Britney Spears (39), as the superstar had yet to have her own financial freedom from her father for a long time. The public backlash was on him for few months, until he finally agreed to leave his conservatorship of Britney Spears. This move came after Britney filed a petition asking her father to be removed from his position. In court hearings over the last two months, Britney has accused her father of engaging in abusive “control” of her for a long time.

Jamie Spears’s lawyer, Vivian Thoreen stated on the file, “no actual grounds for suspending or removing” him from the conservatorship,” and that “It is highly debatable whether a change in conservator at this time would be in Ms. Spears’ best interests.” according to NPR, Thoreen continued, “Nevertheless”, and “even as Mr. Spears is the unremitting target of unjustified attacks, he does not believe that a public battle with his daughter over his continuing service as her conservator would be in her best interests.” Thoreen added, “Mr. Spears is willing to step down when the time is right, but the transition needs to be orderly and includes a resolution of matters pending before the court.”

Since 2008, Jamie Spears has abused his daughter’s estate and controlled her. According to Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart says that the elder Spears appears to have “profited handsomely” from being his daughter’s conservator. He added that “serious questions abound concerning Mr. Spears’s potential misconduct, including conflicts of interest, conservatorship abuse and the evident dissipation of Ms. Spear’s fortune.

The ACLU, 25 civil and disability rights activists filed an amicus brief with the Las Angeles court to support the singer’s quest to choose her own attorney and it was granted. The elder Spears spent more money than his daughter who has earned the money.


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