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Brazilian Woman Arrested at Colombia Airport, Smuggling Poisonous Frogs

A Brazilian woman was arrested at an airport in Bogota, Colombia on Monday due to smuggling 130 poisonous frogs out of the country. According to CBS, the poisonous frogs are worth $130,000 in total, and $1,000 each. Authorities found the poisonous frogs in film canisters.

The woman said that those frogs were given to her by a local community, Nariño, a state in western Colombia, Adriana Soto, secretary of the environment said in a news release.

The woman will be prosecuted for the illegal use of natural resources, with penalties of 5 to 12 months in prison and fines of up to $14.2 million (56 billion pesos). This poisonous frog is a tiny and colorful rare species from Central, South American rainforests. They are known as “the jewels of the rainforest,” according to the San Diego Zoo.

The colorful skin (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Gray) of this poisonous frog protects it from predators. Eating the frogs can cause swelling, muscle paralysis, and death. The Natives often used the skin to poison and hunt animals.

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