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Boeing will Evict Peregrine Falcons from the MAX Hangar

After two fatal 737 Max crashes, Boeing plant in Renton, Washington remained idle. However, as the talks of plane crashes ensue, the two peregrine falcons that have nested within the plant will need to leave or risk being locked inside.

As peregrine falcons are typically very difficult to trap and rehomed, but it was also seen as being highly unusual, as in the northwest, birds typically wander and return to familiar areas to breed in spring and nest.

Boeing officials have contacted the USDA and hopes to try to relocate the birds or keep them evicted by closing the hangar, and hope that the birds relocate in time for their mating cycle.

Reaching flight speeds up to 200 mph (about third of 737 Max during flight), it seems almost fitting that one of the fastest birds chose a hangar to rest in.


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