Bill Gates Calls for a Nationwide Shutdown

As the Novel Coronavirus infection count continues its upward route in the United States, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates stated that the US missed its opportunity for controlling the outbreak by refusing to force a shutdown faster.

In a TED Connects Program, Gates explained that the shutdown would have avoided the kind of pandemic now sweeping across Wuhan, China, Northern Italy or even New York City.

Unlike a more positive viewpoint of the White House, Gates noted that social distancing measures should be as strict as possible, and that ultimately, the cost to human lives would be greater than economic costs to the United States.

Gates stated that the shutdown should be in place for at least 6 to 10 weeks to minimize further damage. So far, the outbreak has infected more than 52,100 individuals so far and has caused massive closure of businesses, schools, and governments.

Although Gates was aware of Trump’s concerns regarding the economic impact of the disease, Gates remained firm in his resolve, arguing that brining the economy back would be done more easily than bringing people back from death.

Gates’ Foundation has committed $100 million towards resolution regarding the coronavirus, and the foundation is also working on providing home-testing kits in the Seattle, Washington area.


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