Beyond M87 galaxy and its Black hole

Located between Virgo and Leo, the M87 galaxy’s secret was revealed by the international team of researchers in 2019. According to the Astrophysical Journal Letters, they’d found the polarimetric in the black hole of the M87 galaxy, which is able to “launch energetic jets from its core.”

The Event Horizon Telescope confirmed that this black hole is approximately 55 million light-years away from Earth.

The Astrophysical Journal Letters says “We perform quantitative measurements of relevant polarimetric properties of the compact emission and find evidence for the temporal evolution of the polarized source structure over one week of EHT observations.”

This image of the polarimetric in the black hole took more than 300 EHT scientists involved after first they took the image of the black hole in the M 87 galaxy in April 2017.

This spectacular image of the polarimetric outside of the black hole in the M 87 galaxy leads to more “details of the polarimetric data reduction and calibration methodology are provided,” The Astrophysical Journal Letters explains.

Throughout this research, EHT scientists analyzed data, collected information from the polarimetric in the black hole, and reconstruct the image.

As people continue to look out to the sky, not only will we travel to Mars, someday we might get to travel to other constellations a million light-years away.


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