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Australian Red Crabs are occupying the Season of Greetings on the road

Photo from Parks Australia’s Twitter

Christmas Island in Australia is currently booming from massive migration of red crabs all over the roads to where they are heading and mating events. Roads are blocked for the crowds of immigration, and the doorstep of the office buildings are packed with the red crabs, according to the Parks Australia Twitter.

Of course, The red crabs are encountering unexpected predators and traffic accidents while they are partaking in their life journeys. Some brave crabs are crossing the underpasses and some smarty-pants are climbing over the bridges this time of the year. Acting manager of Christmas Island, Bianca Priest said, “Christmas Island National Park staff put up kilometers of temporary barriers, erect signs and close roads across the island to protect millions of crabs leaving their forest homes for the coast,” she mentioned at the Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday.

Officials have helped to keep their journeys safe and keep nature running accordingly within the biological ecosystem. Once mating has taken place inside or near the burrows, and after males leave, females stay three days at their place to produce eggs. The females remain in the burrows for at least two weeks to develop their eggs. When their time comes they move to the shoreline to release their eggs.

The island will remain closed for crab migration in the near future.

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