Asian-American Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Meeting for Multicultural Chambers of Commerce

On June 11, 2014, Asian-American Chamber of Commerce led by Cindy Shao, hosted multicultural Chambers of Commerce Luncheon at the Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant in Falls Church, VA.


(Left: Cindy Shao, Right: Dr. Butler)

Black Chamber of Commerce in VA, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Asian-American Chamber of Commerce gathered to network and interact.

Delegate Plum of Virginia addressed the crowd, stating, “we are all minorities in various ways. We are all different, but together, we can be a common group. We do share a common purpose, have education programs for children, opportunities to innovate, and go into business to be successful and live a quality life.”

Michel Zajur (Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) mentioned with my brief interview, “This event is a very unique group and experience to know other groups and learn from this. We are helping each other to grow our community powerful and influenced broadly.

IMG_8615  IMG_8618

(Left: Michel Zajur, Right: Dr. Tawari)

Cindy Shao hosted events for the community as a whole even though we have different back ground but we can be better.

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