Announce 2015 VWC Summer Shorts Writing Contest Winners

Photo from Google Images
Photo from Google Images


지난 8월 17일 버지니아 작가협회(VWC)는 2015년도 문학작품 공모전에 대한 시상자들을 발표했다.

각 부문별 시상자들은 다음과 같다. 시상식은 추후 발표될 예정이다.

버지니아 문학인협회는 버지니아에서 가장 오래된 전통적인 문학 협회로서 많은 유명한 작가들을 배출해낸 문학인들의 모임이다. 문학인들은 각 부문에서 수상 경력이 있으며, 미국내에서 출판한 경험을 가진 작가들로 구성되어 있다.

이번 작품 칸테스트는 픽션, 논픽션, 시 로 세 개 부문에서 다양하게 공모되었으며 심사는 리빙 매거진의 편집장이며, 시인, 소설가, AP뉴스에서 스포츠 기자로서 명성을 떨치고 있는 빌 그로스씨가 담당했다.

WINNERS & Judge’s comments


1.    Linda Dobkins, Marion, VA – New Woman and Mad Dog: A wonderful character study set amid a traumatic situation

2.    John M. Wills, Fredericksburg, VA –  Monica’s Surprise: A clever, table-turning tale of revenge

3.    Esther Whitman Johnson, Roanoke, VA – The Artificial Mother: The roots of a dysfunctional relationship are examined during a turbulent confrontation



1.    Esther Whitman Johnson, Roanoke, VA – Tempest of Stuff: One person’s quest to take stock of what matters and get rid of what doesn’t

2.   Judy Whitehill Witt, Glen Allen, VA – Foolproof Recipe for a Mind Like a Steel Sieve: A comical metaphor for an aging, forgetful mind

3.    James F. Gaines, Fredericksburg, VA – Shifting Zones: An intriguing philosophical and sociological deconstruction of the Ferguson shooting incident



1.    Esther Whitman Johnson, Roanoke, VA – New Song for El Condor: A captivating poem full of history and wonder and despair over what has been lost

2.    Rod Vanderhoof, Fredericksburg, VA – Hawaiian Undertow: A beautiful sonnet using the sea as a setting for life and afterlife

3.   David Black, Louisa, VA –  For Plato and My Mother: A clever use of Stoic philosophy as a corollary for dealing with loss

Winning entries will be published in the online 2016 VWC anthology.


BILL GLOSE is the book review editor for Virginia Living magazine and an award-winning writer whose honors include the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Award, the Virginia Press Association First Place Award for Sports News Writing, and the Morgantown Chapter Award for Poetry. He is the author of two books of poetry, The Human Touch (San Francisco Bay Press, 2007) and Half a Man (FutureCycle Press, 2013), and editor of the story anthology, Ten Twisted Tales (San Francisco Bay Press, 2008).



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