An analysis by NASA: An object from International Space Station hit a Florida Home

An object from the Space Center hit a home in Naples, Florida in March and was analyzed at Kennedy Space Center by NASA. It came from the International Space Center, NASA announced on Monday. The authority stated, “It was the remains of debris released from the International Space Center two years earlier.” on its website.

According to, They updated through the agency’s website, NASA said the hand-sized chunk of metal came from a pallet of nickel hydride batteries tossed from the ISS in March 2021 after new lithium-ion batteries arrived at the station.

The object’s weight was less than 2 pounds and it was part of a stanchion to support equipment in space used to mount the batteries onto the cargo pallet. The entire pallet weighed about 5,800 pounds and NASA expected its entirety to be burned for the reentry.

NASA assures this kind of incident won’t happen in the future. NASA said, “ISS teams will do a detailed investigation of the jettison and reentry analysis of this event so that it can update future modeling.”

“NASA remains committed to responsibly operating in low-Earth orbit, and mitigating as much risk as possible to protect people on Earth when space hardware must be released,” NASA added on its website.


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