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Amtrak Train derailed after striking a Water Truck in CA

An Amtrak train was derailed and stuck in the middle of a farm field in Moorpark, CA on Wednesday morning around 11:30 after it struck a vehicle on the tracks. 3 of the 7 cars were derailed, and 13 crewmembers and 198 passengers were evacuated from the trains. A few people were transported to the local hospital. Ventura County Fire Department Captain Brian McGrath said only minor injuries were reported from this accident.

Cpt. McGrath stated that the number of people hurt wasn’t immediately known, but all the injuries were characterized as minor. The vehicle’s driver had minor injuries, and it appears he got out before the collision. The derailed train cars remained upstanding on a section of track adjacent to an orchard and bare sections of land.

Crews were able to quickly douse a small fire, McGrath said. Local photographer Michael Coons said on Twitter that the vehicle was belonging to the Ventura County Public Works Agency, According to KTLA5 News.

Amtrak released this statement about the crash and derailments, “On June 28, 2023, Amtrak train 14 was traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle at approx. 11:15 a.m. PT when it struck a water truck obstructing the tracks at Moorpark, California. There were approximately 198 passengers and 13 crew onboard who were evacuated from the train, with no reports of serious injuries. The train derailed as a result of the impact but remained upright. Amtrak is working with customers to make alternate travel arrangements. Amtrak, in coordination with local authorities, is conducting a full investigation.”

Recently, Train derailments happened frequently in the US, with at least 3 derailments per day, and an average of 1,475 train derailments per year between 2005-2021, according to the Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration’s report.

8 people were injured from this accident that happened today in the southern part of California, according to ABC 7 News.

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