Air Quality Alerts Residents in 15 States in U.S. due to Canadian Wildfires

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Health officials are urging people to stay inside or to cover face for outdoor exercise or working out on the open field. The Canadian wildfires has led to poor air quality in eastern U.S. in the recent days. Especially sensitive groups, such as children and elders with respiratory health issues have been urged not to stay outdoors and recommended to stay inside to limit their exposures. The poor air quality currently blankets at least 15 states from Vermont to South Carolina.

The New York City public system has cancelled outdoor activities in all public school due to hazardous air quality. New York City and Toronto currently are among the top 7 worst air qualities in Northeastern America.

According to @US_Stormwatch, Collin McCarthy said on his Twitter account, “The Eastern US and Central Canada are suffering through one of their worst wildfire smoke events in recorded history.” displays air quality in your area on the website when you put into your area zip code, and you can see their air quality indication number (AQI).

AQI number over 200 indicates air that is very unhealthy for outdoor activities. Virginia is currently rated between 189 to 200. Virginians ought to protect themselves adequately. AirNow is a partnership of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Centers for Disease Control, tribal, state, and local air quality agencies.

FAA grounded aircrafts at the New York LaGuardia airport due to poor air quality which made airplane operation difficult with such thick air pollution. Please remain safe.

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