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African-American Students Leadership Conference (AASLE) expands to include the Asian-Americans and Latino Americans

After New Year Ball drops down at the Time Square in NYC, Dr.Aminata Njeri starts to pack her travel luggage for the annual student leadership conference.

She carefully places the projector, cords, and all other belongings into her pink luggage.

Every year, she adds new gadgets. She changes out an old part with something new, as she professes to be an early adopter to keep up with the changes.

With longer than 20 years of service in public, She has taught students from all over the states, and now does so worldwide. Dr. Aminata has brought up many influential people through African-Asian Students Leadership Conference, an annual educational event.  She travels coast to coast to give encouraging messages to students everywhere.

At this conference, the Conference decided to open its services to Asian and Hispanic students.

During the 2020 Conference, Dr. Aminata and Dr. Bryant raised the importance of bringing in Asian and Hispanic students to create a more universally represented student conference.

This year, more than 300 college student leaders from North to South, West to East gathered at Fairmont Hotel in DC.

They stayed from Thursday to Sunday (Jan.9, – Jan.12, 2020) to learn from others and to connect with other like-minded students.


The main theme of this year conference is “The Year of Yes, No Is Not An Option”.

Full of energy, enthusiastic attitudes, and positive thinking being the focus of this conference, Dr. Aminata explained how to transform obstacles into something positive in our lives.

Dr. Jennifer, who is working to open this event to Asian and Latino students also gave hopeful insights for the future of the Conference.


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