AAPI look to firearms to defend themselves from Hate Crime

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Since AAPIs have immigrated to the U.S., many have met racism and threats in their living spaces. Some of the 1st generation of immigrants never have had chances to take their higher education because someone had to support the family. Most seek high academic achievements from their children due to prioritizing education, and some absolutely choose to educate themselves later on.

Yet, many first generation AAPI folks face discrimination due to their accents and some grammar errors which even the average American misses out on. Many immigrants have worked hard to build their businesses. Yet, some people have broken into these hard working people’s businesses with arms and killed them.

Recently, Many Asians have been coping with the rise of anti-Asian attacks in many cities in the U.S. Some Asians are fearing unwanted attacks and choosing to stay home, even with risk of losing out on Sun and exercise, but others are starting to learn how to use firearms to protect their lives.

According to NPR, “Last Saturday morning, about a dozen people gathered at the Marshall Security Training Academy & Range in Compton to learn how to handle and shoot handgun.” The organizer, Sunha Kim said to the NPR, “My hope is that those who are interested in protecting themselves by exercising their Second Amendment Rights learn a thing or two about how to properly and professionally handle a firearm.”

As these dastardly men attack unarmed old ladies who walk alone, AAPIs are standing up and seeking firearms for self defense purposes.

Some of Koreans are starting to learn how to defend from the unwanted attacks by learning self defense.

Asian-Americans are determined to stand up to the hatred, and sometimes, it might be with a gun, not because the folks wanted to, but because the situation is demanding them to.


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