A package was delivered to Holmes Hall at Northeastern University, and it detonated as soon as a faculty opened it on Tuesday. According to CNN, The university staff got a hand injury from this incident. The staff was transported to the local hospital to treat his minor hand injury.

An investigation is ongoing with regard to the motive behind this incident and how the delivery went through the school delivery system. Federal law enforcement told CNN Tuesday evening that they do not know the motivation of this incident yet. The university police officer responded within a minute of the initial calling from the scene around 7:18 p.m.

The police department of the university chief, Michael Davis said, “It is very important to note, our campus is secure,”

As soon as this incident occurred, the FBI office in Boston, the Boston Police’s bomb squad, and Boston Emergency Service were there to investigate, and the building was evacuated. Michelle Wu, the Boston mayor praised the quick response of law enforcement. “We want to make sure to emphasize that this is of the utmost priority, the safety, and well-being of all our young people here,” Mayor Wu said during the news conference.

The Holms Halls is for the academic service facility. The scene is contained and expected to reopen on Wednesday, according to the Northeastern University website.