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A Frozen Blood Samples Study Predicts Dementia 10 Years Earlier

Losing memory, thinking, and identity: dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have ruined and changed the whole dynamic of our ordinary lives. A recent study by Korean Scientists reports that it may be related to lymph circulation on the back of the ears through the neck.

Another great news about these diseases is that they can be detected, or predicted as early as 10 years prior. A study shows that it is related to proteins in the blood they just found through blood tests. Blood tests can be cheaper than MRIs and other extensive brain scans.

According to Reuter, researchers from the UK and China have studied ‘frozen blood samples’ which have turned up a trove of proteins that may predict several forms of dementia 10 years earlier than diagnosis of dementia. The study is a sensation after the Korean scientists found out one of the causes of the disease.

The study is part of ongoing research from multiple teams to identify patients at risk for dementia using a simple blood test. It was published in Nature Aging, on Feb.12, 2024. The study started with healthy adults 52,646 in the U.K. and followed up with 14.1 years of 1,463 plasma proteins, GFAP (Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein), NEFL(Neurofilament light) chain protein, GDF15, and LTBP2 constantly associated with most all-cause dementia (ACD), Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Vascular Dementia (VaD) and ranked high in protein importance for ACD. GFAP and NEFL could predict dementia as early as 15 years.

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