87% Fairfax Residents Use Parks Regularly

Photo from Google Images Great Falls
Photo from Google Images
Great Falls

페어펙스 카운티 공원국에 의하면 ” 지난 12년동안 각종 여론조사를 통해 카운티 공원의 질을 향상 시키기위한 주민의 생각을 물어보는 해왔다. 이 조사에서 93% 카운티 주민들이 답하길, 공원이 주민들의 삶의 질을 높이는 역활을 해왔으며, 건강이나 다른 커뮤니티의 행사를 통해 주민이 하나가 되는데 많은 기여를 했다고 답했다.” 고 전했다.

Fairfax County Park Authority Director Kirk Kincannon stated, “To help manage the increased demand and intensification of park use, the Park Authority has increasingly relied on the use of  park volunteers, friends groups, business partners and the Fairfax County Park Foundation to help provide the community programs and services the Park Authority is known for. Like all agencies in Fairfax County, the Park Authority has been dealing with a challenging economy, as use and demand for public services has increased.  In 2016 Fairfax County will be looking to address much of the parks systems deferred capital reinvestment through an upcoming park bond referendum.”


Other Key Park Needs Survey Results Include the following:


  • Use of parks in Fairfax County surpasses the national average: 87% of households have visited parks operated by FCPA in the past 12 months; the national benchmark is 79%.
  • The two most important services for the Park Authority to provide are: 1) preservation of open space and the environment; and 2) provision of opportunities to improve physical health and fitness.
  • The three most important (expressed needed) parks and facilities are: paved walking and biking trails, large parks and small community parks.
  • The three most important outdoor or indoor facilities are: swimming pools, exercise and fitness facilities and indoor gyms (basketball, volleyball, etc.).
  • The most important programs/activities are: biking, hiking, walking, exercise/fitness, special events and concerts.
  • The top four actions households are most willing to fund with County tax dollars: expand/renovate walking/biking trails, purchase land to preserve open space, restore/maintain natural areas, and upgrade/renovate existing park buildings.
  • If given $100 to spend on parks, households would spend it this way:
    • Repair/maintain existing parks and infrastructure: $30
    • Upgrade/expand existing park facilities: $22
    • Conserve and maintain natural and historic resources:  $18
    • Acquire new parkland and open space:  $17
    • Develop new recreation and parks facilities: $13
  • 62% of households rated high quality parks, trails, recreation facilities and services as ‘extremely important’ to the quality of life in Fairfax County; another 31% rated it ‘highly important’.

The purpose of the survey is to provide statistically valid, objective, and quantitative data reflecting public input relating to park and recreation needs.  Including such a survey in a park and recreation needs assessment study is an industry best practice.


PROS Consulting LLC, a nationally-recognized leader and expert in the parks and recreation industry, was selected as the primary consultant to provide assistance for the needs assessment.  ETC Institute/Leisure Vision, a member of the consultant team, administered and is analyzing the need survey.  ETC is an industry leader in the design, administration, and analysis of park and recreation surveys.


In March of 2015, surveys were sent to 15,000 randomly selected Fairfax County households.  A threshold of 3,000 responses was needed for analysis; 4,665 responses were obtained.  The completed surveys yield a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of +/- 1.4%.


For more information contact the Public Information Office at 703-324-8662.



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