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2020 is for States Setting Record for Early Voting

Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and Illinois have come up as the top 4 states with highest early voting records, already outpacing voter turnout in 2016.
So far, more than 13.8 million voters have already cast their ballots for this year’s upcoming general election (November 3), according to U.S. Elections Project. In 2016, early voting had only been at 1.4 million.
The coronavirus pandemic, with health and safety concerns have led to expansion of mail-in voting, and it seems that this has helped increase voter turnout. Georgia and Texas began their early voting this week and already set records.
For example, Georgian voters reported waiting nearly 10 hours at the polling sites on the first day of early voting. 128,000 people hit the polls on Monday, surpassing 91,000 votes cast on the first day of early voting in 2016.
In Texas, more than twice the 2016 early voters showed up for the first day of early voting.
This pattern was repeated in Ohio and Illinois.
Voting pace in Virginia, Minnesota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin have also reached 20 percent or greater than the 2016 total vote.
Ironically, the pandemic that locked so many of us inside seems to have only led to the result of enhancing the nature of the political system in the US: Representative Democracy.

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