2015 Town Hall Meeting with Sen. Mark Warner

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On May 30, Korean American Association of the Greater Washington held a Town Hall Meeting with Sen. Mark Warner at the Westin Hotel in Tysons Corner.  Sen. Mark Warner, Sen. Dave Marsden(VA), Del. Bulova, Del. Mark Keam, Herndon Councilwoman Grace Han Wolf, William Moon, and Korean leaders from all organizations in the Greater Washington Area attended for this Town Hall meeting. This Town Hall meeting is the second time for Sen. Warner to publicly meet with his constituents since the 2014 Herndon Town Hall meeting. Grace Han Wolf moderated and Sam Yoon (CKA) assisted.

Audience focused on many current issues, with main focus on beneficial financial aids for college students, eliminating students debts in the current economic climate. Mr. Warner replied that the community college programs lessen financial burden for students in the middle class, and suggested a possible conversion from the current K-12 curriculum to K-12.5 compare of K-13 in Germany system. This, he argued, would assist students who want to learn tradesmen skills such as welding or fixing machines, high paying blue collar positions which through such revisions would allow students to obtain jobs right after graduating from high school.

Sen. Warner warned of the impending sequestration in October, explaining that both parties must accept certain reforms to prevent the economically damaging sequestration. He explained the need for Democrats to accept reform on social security and Medicare, while the Republicans would be willing to agree to tax reforms. As the U.S. is now $18.5 trillion in debt, ranking at just 37th in 40 countries within the OECD in terms of tax rate, Sen. Warner explained that tax reform would not damage the US economy, as people had been led to believe.

Next, concerning the Virginia’s stern tax code and its effect in bringing businesses to Virginia, he explained that Virginia’s naturally business-friendly attitude has brought companies such as Volkswagen and Merriott to Virginia, and that Amazon is testing its drones in Virginia to be used en masse. He explained that Virginia’s tax code did not deter businesses from wanting to enter the state.

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He also focused the importance of cyber security, satellite intelligence, and unmanned drone systems to create a safe and developmental future for both Virginia and the national grounds.

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