2015 HBI-DC Benefit Gala & Award Dinner Ends in Success

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On May 31, The Hepatitis B Initiative of Washington, DC (HBI-DC) hosted the 5th annual beneficial gala and award dinner at the Asian Garden in Rosslyn, VA.  HBI- DC mainly focuses on community outreach, education, screenings and vaccinations. Its target demographic ranges from high schoolers to adults, and spans into both hispanic and African-American communities as well as Asian-Americans.

Leslie Hsu, the founder of HBI-DC gave a welcoming remark and shared the importance of Hepatitis B awareness in the community, explaining that her brother and mother died from Hepatitis B, and the possibility of their survival had they received better treatment for the diseases.

Jane Pan, the Executive Director of HBI-DC explained, “We all know someone in our family, friends, or neighbors struggling with liver cancer. Hepatitis B impacts our communities. It is a curable disease if we can identify it early.” She urged the importance of educating and promoting public awareness for this disease, promoting the importance for carriers to receive screening and vaccination for Hepatitis B.

The gala dinner kept the mood light, with pop quizzes and raffle tickets for the Health Corp members.

HBI – DC continues to work hard to spread the valuable information on Hepatitis B. In 2014, 2,300 individuals were educated, and 1,300 individuals with a positive test result got free screenings.

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