2014 Hepatitis B. Initiative of Washington, D.C. Benefit Gala & Award Dinner

June 8,2014, The organization of Hepatitis B initiative of Washington, D.C. led by Jane Pan, to celebrate great achievement on the treatment of Hepatitis B.  This organization have dedicated to prevent Hepatitis B and C  in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. At the Gala, the anchor of ABC News Channel 8, Kathy Parks introduced guest speakers:


(Kathy Park of ABC New Channel 8)

Leslie Hsu Oh (HBI-DC Founder), Grace Han Wolf (Herndon), Del. Mark Keam (D – VA), Julie Soohyun Koo (Executive Director, DC Mayor’s Office of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs), Dr. Jennifer Lee (Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, Commonwealth of Virginia) and Corinna Dan (Viral Hepatitis Policy Advisor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, US Department of Health & Human Services) gave remarks.


(Del. Mark Keam)

Del. Mark Keam introduced the House Bill (HB 724) to designate May 19th as Hepatitis B Awareness Day in Virginia, and the Bill passed collectively. He brought an attention how important it is to continue studying Hepatitis B, as it eventually can lead to liver cancer.


(Herndon Councilwoman Grace Han-Wolf)

Grace Han-Wolf spoke on behalf of Fairfax County. She stated her concern for the high rate of Hepatitis B and C in AAPI communities (10%).


 (Founder of Hepatitis B Initiative, Leslie Hsu Oh)

Leslie Hsu Oh is the founder of Hepatitis B Initiative. She spoke of losing her mother and brother to liver cancer caused by Hepatitis B, and she hoped to do something for those who suffered similar fate, and founded the organization in 1977. Started in Boston, it has now expanded to Washington D.C., where she founded a chapter in 2002. She called Hepatitis B as a silent killer, and stated the need for people to be screened early to minimize damage.


 (Dr. Jennifer Lee)

photo 4

(From Left to Right, Dr. Jennifer Lee, Leslie Hsu Oh, Dr. Jose Bordon, Jane Pan, Julie Ost, and Echo Zhang)

photo 2

(Jane Pan and Del. Mark Keam)

photo 3

(From left to right, Grace Han Wolf, Dr. Amy Trang, Jane Pan, and Soo Yee)

Jane Pan (HBI-DC, Executive Director) announced ”Last year, our Supporters and partners helped at least 2,000 uninsured  and underinsured individuals susceptible to hepatitis B living in the DC Metropolitan area,” and said, “Without your help and supporting we couldn’t be succeed like this.”  Jane pane stated that we need help to educate, to vaccinate, to eradicate to the people who are needy in communities with support and contributions.

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