One Earthquake occurred magnitude 4.4 in Southern LA, 6 miles of NNW in Westwood, California. Be preparing of emergency foods and supplies.


Photo/ NBCsandiago

    One earthquake occurred with magnitude of 4.4, right after that few of shocks followed up in Monday morning 6:25 AM (Local time), 6 miles NNW of Westwood and 6.1 miles NW of Beverly Hills, California.

Fortunately, there was  no damage or any loss with this event.

This event is very significant earthquake in Southern California because of there are several faults existing that lead more frictions between two different tectonic plates which lead earthquake transpired such as Pacific plate and North America plate are moving two different headings (Pacific plate is moving toward to north, North America plate is heading south) that its result are faults.

The famous fault is San Andrea fault and several other faults have brought earthquakes in history, which its cost was not mendable loss, damages and people died with earthquakes.

According to USGS earthquake history, several severe earthquakes occurred surround LA, Sacramento, San Francisco not because of more than twelve geological facts but because of various underground established through out their different ages with different climactic circumstances.

Some of scholars in Geology, they found faults in early 19 century that it leads earthquake.

Today’s event occurred in Santa Monica Mountains and already six smaller aftershocks have been and maybe more to come.

Just in case, people of LA region, they should prepare some extra foods or supplies for unexpected event or undesirable matter. 

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