오바마 대통령 행정 명령, 아직도 걸림돌이 있다



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지난 11월 20일 저녁에 있었던 오바마 대통령의 이민법 개정에 대한 행정명령에 대해 이민법 개정안을 두고 아시안 아메리칸 퍼시픽 아일랜더의 대표적인 조직인 NAKASEC, KRC, KRCC 의 지도자들은 모두다 “아직도 이민법 개정에 대한 오바마 행정 명령은 가야할 길이 많이 남아 있다.”고 말했다. 이번 오바마 대통령 행정 명령으로 인해 적어도 전국적으로 서류 미비 이민인구 500만여명이 일자리를 찾을 수 있으며, 적어도 아시안은 40만명정도 추산되며, 한인은 20여만명으로 예상되지만 기록에 포함되지 않은 인구도 있어서 한인들의 서류 미비자를 대략 예상만 하고 있는 실정이라고 말하며,  당분간 추방을 당하지 않아도 될 것이지만 아직도 그 가족에대한 한계가 불 분명해서 이론의 여지가 남아 있다고 NAKASEC 의 김동윤씨는 말했다.

이번 이민법 개정안은 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program 은 특히 2010 년 전에 미국에 입국한 어린 학생들이 대상인 만큼 그 학생들이 일단 강제 추방을 당하지 않지만 그들의 가족들이 아직도 어떤 권리나 권한을 가질 수 없는 이유로    살아야 한다는 문제가 남아 있는 셈이다.

Dae Joong (DJ) Yoon, Executive Director of NAKASEC, said: “I attended the Las Vegas event with a Korean American community organizer who is impacted by the broken immigration system. It has been a long, emotional, and empowering journey for justice and freedom for immigrant families. The President announced his long-awaited executive order on immigration that would grant relief from deportation and work authorization to about 5 million immigrant family members, about 400,000 of which are AAPI. There will also be an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to include more young people who entered this country before 2010. This is a significant accomplishment for immigrant families who never gave up the fight for their loved ones. We commend President Obama’s leadership by introducing this new plan. But for us, our work is not done. Six million hard working families will still live as second-class citizens without any rights. The President initiated this, and now it is up to Congress to do the right thing for America by finishing the job.”
Inhe Choi, Executive Director of KRCC, said: “While we mark the significance of President Obama’s executive action, we are also disappointed that undocumented parents of DACA recipients are not protected. They, too, are part of America’s story, and their contributions to our country must be recognized and valued. However, KRCC and the Korean American community in Chicago will not lose hope. We will continue to work hard to stop the suffering of close to six million families and also achieve a solution that reunites the families that have been stuck in the family immigration backlogs. To this end, we urge Congress to support the President’s decision to take action and immediately get to work by introducing a permanent solution to our broken immigration system. We must not leave any of the six million behind.”

We urge community members to contact our centers or visit our website to seek information to best prepare themselves when the application process begins in the coming months. KRC will offer free or low-cost services, and we look forward to assisting a new group of adult community members, as well as continuing to support our young community members inquiring about DACA, in-state tuition, and other resources,” said Hee Joo Yoon, Executive Director of KRC.

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