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Volcano and Earthquake Erupts In Far-Eastern Island Russia

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One of the most active volcanoes erupted on the far-eastern island of Kamchatka, Russia on Tuesday, and it spewed ash up to 12 kilometers into the sky. This volcano is a stratovolcano that is built up of alternate layers of lava and ash. The Shiveluch volcano erupted just after midnight and reached a crescendo about six hours later, spewing out an ash cloud over an area of 108,000 square kilometers (41,700 square miles), according to the Kamchatka Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Geophysical Survey, according to Reuter.

After the volcano erupted, the lava flowed from the volcano to the villages through the highway covered with ashes and mud as thick as 3.5 inches. Air flights are detouring to avoid the ash-covered sky.

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake broke the faultline in the town of Vilyuchinsk, on the Kamchatka peninsula. The epicenter is located in a mountainous region all the way up where the stratovolcano, Shiveluch volcano erupted on the same day. Kamchatka is normally known for winter sports and hot springs. About 300,000 people live on this peninsula, and most of them are indigenous people.

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