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Ukraine rejects Russian Ultimatum; strike on Kyiv mall kills 8, and the World grows angrier at Putin

Russian ultimatum has been rejected by Pres. Zelensky, who said he would never agree to an ultimatum from Russia or surrender Ukraine’s cities. Moscow is seeking some sort of strategic victory in Ukraine, and it issued a warning to the leaders remaining in Mariupol: feel or face further attacks. The leaders of Mariupol have also refused to leave, and the city’s fate is uncertain; however, Ukraine is certain it does not wish to give any of its territory away to Russia.

At the same time Kyiv and main cities continue to face heavy attack, as an attack on a mall late Sunday ended up killing at least 8 people. Kyiv remains one of Russia’s major targets, and Kremlin could turn to deadlier attacks to compensate for battlefield progress in the three-week war.

At the same time, many are becoming angrier at Putin’s reckless attacks on Ukraine as the brutality continues to be broadcasted. How this will continue to impact Russia’s economy and world standing is not yet known.

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